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    Are you ready for The Battle for Talent?

    In a scenario of apparent job recovery, the battle to have the best professionals has already started. Only those who are completely ready to attract and appeal to talent will be winners of this battle.

    With this goal in mind, LLORENTE & CUENCA is launching ‘The Battle for Talent’, an ambitious study which is aimed at answering some of the main questions arising in the area of talent.

    This report gathers the main global trends that define the state of the art regarding talent, reputation and communication (resulting from the analysis of almost a hundred references in this subject) as well as testimonies of the main Spanish experts in this area, with interviews to 40 Dircom, HR Managers and experts in Marketing.

    ‘The Battle for Talent’ explains the main trends on:

    1. New relational models
    2. Leadership and new organizational models
    3. Culture, commitment and purpose
    4. Digital Transformation
    5. Attraction and retention. Employee advocacy
    6. Talent Engagement

    Among all the challenges identified by the interviewees, that of employee advocacy stands out as the most relevant issue. The importance of placing talent as the focus and representative of the corporate contents provides the company with credibility and authenticity.

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