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    SOS Works: from the Traditional to the Digital Crisis Committee

    What do companies and institutions need when a crisis hits? Speed is decisive: it’s what makes it possible to neutralize a crisis as soon as an incident is detected. Nowadays, crisis management is required in real time through some type of medium that enables fast, direct and secure communication, the activation of all members of a crisis committee immediately and even the involvement of outside advisors in order to manage crises in the best possible way. So, in an atmosphere of hyper-transparency and real time, there must be a digital crisis committee aimed at preventing serious reputational and economic harm with digital strategic management tools.

    Thus, LLORENTE & CUENCA has combined its expertise in strategic crisis management consulting with the technological evolution offered by Noysi to respond to the new market needs through the digital platform SOS Works, aimed at innovating communication processes in crisis situations in order to achieve greater agility and efficiency in the process. SOS Works is the alloy used to build a Shield for Reputations in Crisis.

    The digital ally for strategic management in times of crisis

    A digital, real-time crisis management platform that includes:

    • instant messaging
    • video calls
    • file exchange
    • task management and activity registration
    • risk matrices managed by ChatBots

    It’s a solution that sends alerts and automates processes for all types of Internet-connected devices (IoT). The result is being able to manage communication in a flexible, versatile and coordinated manner to help reduce decision-making times and perform collaborative work among all stakeholders involved in a crisis under maximum security.

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