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    Infrastructures, Transport and Logistics

    The infrastructures, transport and logistics sector has become a key economic element to make interpersonal – economic, social or cultural – relations possible and to expedite the productivity of enterprises. It furthermore forms part of the backbone of the territory because it determines its organisation and the flows and connections established there.

    Despite its huge importance however, its weaknesses are disclosed in society’s negative perception about the enterprises that belong to this sector, from an environmental and social responsibility outlook.

    Corporate social responsibility is presented as a key leadership responsibility in progressive societies and a core factor in sectors that involve a direct environmental impact.

    In infrastructures, transport and logistics, the opportunities come from the hand of renewable energies or in contributing to the development of sustainable towns.

    The investment in infrastructures and transport by governments and private enterprises will be effective when there is a social contribution to support a competitive economy.

    Our specialists accordingly contribute, from a multidisciplinary vision towards guaranteeing tangible business results for the private sector and in providing added value for projects undertaken from the public sector outlook. At the same time, they ensure that there are strategic plans to generate an environmental, social and ethical performance.

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