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    Energy, Oil & Gas

    The energy, oil and gas sector is an element which is compatible with the environment and sustainable development under virtuous principles of its management process.

    It is however a commonplace practice to associate a negative image to the sector. Activities based on obtaining these natural resources often produce dissatisfaction in society and especially in those communities in which its activity is developed and where relations tend to be particularly strained.

    The problems are not intrinsic to the activity, but come from the management and communication of its projects. It is indisputable that the activity of these enterprises has a major social and environmental impact but it also implies great contributions towards the development of communities that find employment, training opportunities and significant improvements in their quality of life in this activity.

    For a sustainable, efficient contribution by the enterprises in this sector to the communities and added value, it is paramount to implement communication strategies and to establish a constructive social dialogue.

    In addition, in such a complex sector, there must be in-depth knowledge about the industry, monitoring the regulatory environment in order to be ready to face possible changes or threats that directly affect our business.

    Thanks to experience accrued particularly in South America, the LLORENTE & CUENCA team of specialists helps develop long term strategies to offset possible operating risks and improve long-term results.

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