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    Address the financial contingencies that affect my company

    Develop the reporting of IPOs or M&As

    Manage the influence of listed companies on their stakeholders

    Influence the conversation on the Internet

    Align objectives between my digital strategy and my offline strategy

    Secure and protect my organisation against online crisis situations

    Know what regulatory risks might affect my company

    Define the map of important public stakeholders

    Promote public opinion campaigns to support my business

    Manage a crisis affecting my company

    Teach and train spokesmen/women and executives

    Identify and monitor potential risks

    Develop storytelling to connect with my stakeholders

    Know consumer interests and habits

    Adjust my channels and contents to current consumption patterns

    Having relevant information on the economic and social context

    Having advance information on the future evolution of the most relevant economic and social factors

    Keeping my business interests in context in the complex political, social, and business scene

    Monitor and analyse any European legislation that may affect my business

    Manage my institutional positioning and defend my interests in the European Union

    Manage institutional and political risks on a European level

    Increase the differentiation and prestige of my organisation

    Manage my firm’s reputation strategically

    Protect the legitimacy of my organisation from critical issues

    Create storytelling and corporate discourse for my company

    Generate attractive, high-quality contents

    Connect with my stakeholders

    Design and communicate a CSR strategy for my business

    Create a social or private Corporate Foundation and define its strategy

    Develop ad-hoc social projects focused on my company’s target public

    Manage internal communication channels in my company

    Build a reputation as an employer brand

    Create a corporate culture

    Measure the reputational risks and opportunities of my company

    Analyse and compare my company’s reputation in the digital environment

    Make studies and diagnoses of reputation

    Create links with sport as a business strategy

    Launch sports sponsorships strategically aligned with my business

    Develop sport and communication marketing plans

    Protect my reputation in a legal dispute

    Manage the Right to be Forgotten

    Defend reputation in a case of tax offence or fraud

    Coordinate a reputation strategy in multi-country projects

    Develop an internationalisation strategy

    Monitor stakeholders globally

    Development of executive capabilities

    Underpinning leadership

    Boosting communication skills

    To minimize the impact on the external image of the company

    To clearly and credibly transmit to key audiences the company’s position

    To facilitate the work of external and internal spokespeople