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    Great acceptance of Reputation Relevance

    Reputation Relevance is the new tool launched by the Corporate Positioning and Leadership area led by Juan Cardona.

    An increasing number of LLORENTE & CUENCA are using the Reputation Relevance model to measure and manage their corporate reputation in Spain, Portugal and in South America.

    For LLORENTE & CUENCA, corporate reputation is built on excellent management of the core expectations that determine the reputation of an organization or public figure. Reputation Relevance focuses on five types of core expectations that have proved to be the mainstays of corporate reputation: image, credibility, transparency, integrity and contribution.

    These five main expectation areas can explain by more than 80% the corporate reputation of companies and individuals, according to the model developed by LLORENTE & CUENCA, which has been statistically validated.

    These expectations can be measured, providinge us with significant management and diagnosis indicators for all stakeholders. Thus, Reputation Relevance allows us to identify the strengths and improvement areas so we are able to build corporate reputation and develop the control board to manage it.

    For further information on this area, please click here.