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    Discover our political and economic analysis channel

    Current events in politics and the economy produce an information overload. At LLORENTE & CUENCA, we’d like to help our clients prioritize and interpret the most relevant aspects of current events. Therefore, we are offering Analys-in, our all-new subscription-based mobile channel for high-level political and economic analysis.

    By using our application for cell phones and tablets, users receive exclusive daily news alerts, audiovisual analyses, electoral and economics reports and can access an extensive graphic database, which are constantly being updated for a better understanding of our context:

    • Political information
    • Economic information
    • Graphic information
    • Cultural recommendations

    Under the editorial direction of journalist José Antonio Zarzalejos and with direct collaboration from economist, former Minister and Vice-President Economic Context at LLORENTE & CUENCA, Jordi Sevilla as well as broad, multi-disciplinary team of specialists, Analys-in is specially designed for users to access the most relevant political and economic information.

    If you’d like more information on Analys-in, click here.

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