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    Consumer Trust: gain the trust of your consumers

    In the complicated socioeconomic environment we live in today, where the companies’ activities are forever in the spotlight, consumer trust is emerging as a key competitive factor for companies, not only to achieve success, but also to guarantee their survival.

    Consumer Trust arises out of this need with the aim of providing a transmedia solution focusing on improving consumers’ trust in companies, working on three dimensions: transparency, integrity and credibility.

    The first (transparency) is related with consumers’ communication expectations; the second (integrity) with their ethical expectations, so it covers attributes of good business practices (environment, employees, suppliers); and the third (credibility) with their pragmatic expectations, referring to the fulfillment of promises, perceived usefulness and expected results (all aspects closely related with the product and/or service).

    Working on both storydoing and storytelling in all these aspects is increasingly becoming a key factor and can be seen as both a risk protection tool and a leadership opportunity.

    Consumer Trust: an ally for rebuilding consumer’s trust

    1. Explore: We help you to discover how much trust you inspire in your consumers, what lines you should activate and improve, and how the competition behaves.

    2. Explain: A transmedia content strategy that combines entertainment and information, stimulating interaction and consumer experiences.

    3. Entrust: Contact points that generate interactions with a commitment by your consumers, to improve trust and favor advocacy.

    4. Measure: A measurement system based on the consumers’ perception of your fulfillment of commitments.


    – Leadership: become a benchmark in your sector and improve your business results
    – Engagement: improve the connection ratings with your consumers
    – Advocacy: get credible sources to speak well of you

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