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    Our experience has enabled us to develop a communications’ program which is adapted to the specific circumstances of each of the employment procedures: employment restructuring, collective dismissals, changes to working conditions, collective bargaining, contingencies…

    In these situations, communication is particularly important as it helps both to reduce the tension levels characteristic of conflict through appropriate information as well as conserving the image and reputation of the company with regard to its different stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, public administrations, the media or financial markets.

    The aim is to clearly and credibly transmit to key audiences the position of the company, to minimize the negative impact on its image and contribute to the future continuity of the business project, acting in line with the mood of its internal and external audiences.


    • To minimize the impact on the external image of the company
    • To clearly and credibly transmit to key audiences the company’s position
    • To facilitate the work of external and internal spokespeople
    • To properly manage the repercussions of the decision amongst employees not affected by it
    • To avoid the “contagion effect” that the process may have on other plants or head offices of the company which were not affected initially


    • Communication Plan
    • Online Management
    • Contingencies’ Plan
    • Training
    • Continuity Plan in the event of the lengthening of the conflict
    • Recovery of the climate

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