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    Public Affairs

    The success strategies in businesses require enterprises and organisations to not only understand the specific characteristics of their economic and competitive environment, but also their social and political environment, endowing them with capacity to anticipate the threats and opportunities generated in high incertitude and changing contexts.

    In many countries, enterprises and organisations have an active participation in the development of the public policies, something that is only possible thanks to their main executives counting on strategic information which allows them to anticipate future scenarios to improve business decision-making.

    The LLORENTE & CUENCA Public Affairs team helps enterprises and organisations – through political intelligence tools, planning and institutional positioning – to defend their legitimate interests and establish a correct dialogue, with the public powers, always based on loyal, stable and fluid relations.


    • Have truthful information about evolution in the social, political and electoral context that affects or may affect the business decisions
    • Have preview information about the regulatory risks associated with the normative and legislative processes, at all levels of the public administration
    • Have qualified training for executives on intelligence matters, for the identification and correct understanding of the social and political contexts, legislative processes and regulatory risks
    • Have internal performance audits on institutional relations
    • Have information about the main public players and their relevant positions for their businesses (Influence Maps)
    • Have a corporate discourse suitable to the social and political contexts in which the activity of the enterprise is developed (Institutional storytelling)
    • Have a correct Institutional and political relations plan which amplifies the company’s relevance in the public spheres
    • Have a correct Alliances building plan that promotes and defends common interests of a strategic or sectoral nature
    • Have qualified training for executives in institutional relations
    • Promote public opinion campaigns that foster and accompany a correct institutional positioning, in traditional means and through the social networks
    • Develop and implement relational reporting and management tools on advanced computerised management means
    • Have high level institutional representation solutions which complement the company’s internal resources


    • Intelligence and analysis on relevant aspects of the social, political, electoral and economic environment
    • Active monitoring of parliamentary initiatives at both national level and in the autonomous regions
    • Information about the regulatory risks by economic activity sectors
    • Qualified training programmes for executives in political intelligence and institutional relations
    • Organisation audit on the functioning of the company’s Institutional Relations teams
    • Prepare Influence Maps with identification of key players and their relevant positions for the company’s issues
    • Construct corporate storytelling adapted to the company’s institutional reality
    • Prepare and develop Plans for political and institutional relations and for building significant alliances in defence of the company’s positions
    • Design and develop public opinion campaigns in traditional means and social networks
    • Implement relational electronic management and internal reporting tools
    • Institutional representation of interests


    • SIAP (Political Analysis and Intelligence Service). The Political Analysis and Intelligence Service uses cutting edge techniques in the Intelligence Cycle to know, understand and explain scenarios and anticipate regulatory opportunities and risks. The SIAP analysts prepare daily reports for our clients, alerts and activity agendas. The SIAP counts on the external support of more than thirty specialists who complement and enrich the intelligence production.
    • EAP (Active Parliamentary Listening). The Active Parliamentary Listening tracks the relevant information for our clients’ interests at Congress, the Senate and regional parliaments. The political, formal and informal conversation is monitored through daily reports, using public and confidential sources, which are complemented with the analysis and recommendations of our parliamentary analysts.
    • IRM (Institutional Relationship Management). The IRM is a management software and consultancy service in a single integral solution, specialised in the anticipation and systematisation of the management of institutional relations, which through a complex construction of key player files associated with relevant issues, permits quick access to the entire political and institutional relational memory of the enterprise or organisation.

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