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    Multi-country Projects

    In the globalised world in which the companies operate today, the coordination of projects and international companies between the countries in which these are present is critical to achieve a coherent and consistent effect between all their stakeholders on the markets where they operate.

    In addition, when a company wants to engage in a globalisation process, it must have a good knowledge of the market in which it is going to be globalised, analyse the contents in which the process commences and know how to communicate well its arrival in the new market and in the markets in which the company is already operating.

    It is essential for the implementation plan or the plans of projects and companies to be prepared strategically and coherently for all the markets in which the companies have or are going to have presence to avoid falling into incoherencies and achieve consistent targets at regional level. Management and protection of a company’s reputation must consequently be aligned for the whole of the territory in which it operates.


    • Know the new environment in which the enterprise wants to be globalised
    • Exploit its reputation to the new country to which it wants to be globalised
    • International coordination for alignment of the reputational strategy and communication
    • Tracking and monitoring of the stakeholders in the legislative environment at international level


    • Stakeholder regional mapping
    • Global reputation strategy
    • Social relations plan
    • Media relations
    • Relations with opinion leaders
    • Support the coordination of the respective departments of local companies
    • Multi-country Reputation Strategies
    • Design of international coordination tools
    • Monitoring in the main media at regional level

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