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    Businesses and persons -especially corporate and financial leaders and those with a high social fame- need to protect their reputation.

    This need becomes more acute in the different phases that any dispute undergoes which starts or ends in a legal action.

    Legal proceedings, parallel with the actual disputes and interpretations about the compliance of the laws, project an additional territory of confrontation between the parties in the social area through the media and information and communication technologies.

    It is therefore becoming more and more essential to count on a strategy to manage possible “parallel lawsuits” and avoid them from influencing the actual legal proceedings, and harming the reputation of the persons affected over and above the actual decisions of the courts of justice.


    • Support management against the opening of proceedings by the National Competition and Market Commission
    • Management of the Right to Oblivion
    • Matters related with the Right of workers
    • Protect the reputation in a crime or tax offence
    • Protect the reputation in a shareholders’ dispute
    • Protect the reputation in a civil claim or criminal complaint
    • Protect the reputation in an out-of-court settlement, a court deposition or a judgement or court decision or in any case that is submitted to the National High Court, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court or the Superior Courts of Justice
    • Protect reputation in a consumer claim
    • Protect reputation in an industrial dispute


    • Communication strategy and planning
    • Spokesperson training
    • Media relations
    • Active listening in digital environments
    • Informative alerts and monitoring
    • Progress reports and Situation analysis
    • Preparation of materials: chronology, narrative, questions & answers, etc.
    • Technical annexes and summaries (expert reports, civil or criminal action, etc.)


    • FRAC (Wide Coverage Risk Factors) Analysis. The FRAC Analysis is a tool that permits anticipating the potential coverage which may be generated by a litigation in the media and in social networks. This will permit a suitable management plan of the reputation to be designed and consequently determine which is the best communication strategy to develop

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