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    Leadership and Corporate Positioning

    The business context is characterised by the growing power of the citizenry.

    The main challenge for competitiveness of the enterprise is to generate trust and protect their reputation.

    Enterprises need to strengthen their social recognition and intelligence capabilities.

    Companies need to build their corporate leadership and prestige through an excellent management of five core pillars for public recognition: prestige, credibility, integrity, transparency and contribution.


    • Understand the risks and opportunities of the social environment that affects the organisation
    • Protect the legitimacy of the organisation against critical affairs
    • Seek sustainable differentiation on the market through corporate reputation
    • Increase social influence of an organisation or executive
    • Exercise social leadership in key affairs for the community
    • Identify trusted partners for corporate operations or in globalisation processes


    • Corporate reputation strategic plan
    • Reputational due diligence
    • Reputation plan of the CEO


    • Measuring and diagnosis of reputation
    • Reputational expertise
    • Relations and dialogues with stakeholders
    • Positioning in rankings and classifications
    • Awards and recognitions
    • Social intelligence reports


    • Relevance Reputation (Corporate reputation diagnosis). Reputation Relevance is a solution developed by LL&C to measure the value attitudes towards the company by the interest groups
    • FOCUS (Management of stakeholders). Reputation Focus is our solution to align the company’s most influential stakeholders around the reputation strategy, building supporting networks and identifying the engagement opportunities
    • ARCO (Corporate Storytelling). Reputation Arco is the methodology of LL&C to develop an efficient corporate discourse in liaisons with stakeholders and based on the principles of authenticity, relevance, coherence and consistency

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