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    Corporate & Financial Communications

    Companies and financial institutions need to count on coherent and consistent communication strategies which help them relate with the financial markets.

    Communication to the markets during IPOs, in share sale processes, in developing strategies in takeover bids, including cross-border operations on the biggest capital markets, is crucial for the success of those operations.

    None of these processes can be carried out without the necessary dialogue with the market regulators, or be executed without considering the impact which the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) may have on all the stakeholders, players and decision-makers, which must be perfectly aligned for these operations, in themselves complex, to be successful.

    This is why LLORENTE & CUENCA manages these operations through multi-disciplinary teams trained by highly qualified specialists who operate in coordination to offer complete consultancy solutions.

    We have formed part of the most significant M&A operations that have been experienced by the Spanish and South American markets in the last 10 years and we have advised in 6 of the 10 main merger and acquisition (M&A) operations in the history of the Spanish market, thanks to our highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team.

    This work has been endorsed by the Global SABRE Award as “Best Financial Communication Consultants in the World” in 2013, granted by The Holmes Report, which converts us into the only Spanish consulting firm to have received this.

    Our leadership would not be possible if we did not belong to the AMO, the worldwide leader network of corporate and financial communication consultants. AMO has more than 900 professionals and each year stands at the top in the Worldwide Ranking of M&A Advisers developed by Mergermarket.

    Last year, the companies that form the AMO network have provided advice in 220 corporate transactions for a value of more than 384,000 million dollars, more than any other network or agency in 2014, according to Mergemarket data. Of all these, LLORENTE & CUENCA has provided advice in some 40 transactions, about thirty of which correspond to the Spanish market. It has specifically been the consultant in many of the most significant transactions in Spain in 2014.


    • Relations and management of the influence of financial institutions with the media, investors (institutional and minority) and authorities/regulators
    • Relations and management of the influence of listed companies with the media, investors (institutional and minority) and authorities/regulators
    • Management of communication associated with special financial events: IPOs, Mergers, Takeovers (friendly or hostile), Restructuring, Recapitalisations
    • Management of financial contingencies in the company: Fall in value, negative events associated with products (e.g. floor clauses), liquidations or bankruptcies


    • Master Plan or Strategic Framework
    • Defence plan of an entity in the case of an undesired financial event (e.g. hostile takeover)
    • Positioning of a company previous to an extraordinary financial event
    • Reputational recovery plan following an extraordinary negative event
    • Commercial positioning of products and services of a financial entity
    • Relations with investors (institutional or minority)
    • Relations with government, authorities and regulators
    • Design in preparing Roadshows and Shareholders’ Meetings
    • Media relations
    • Stakeholder mapping


    • Financial training. Preparation of company management for its action as spokesman to stakeholders that form the financial community
    • RDD (Reputational Due Diligence) Measurement tool that permits anticipating reputational problems facing a company as consequence of a corporate transaction
    • Reputational Equity Story Story about a company adapted to each of its stakeholders and which permits it to be introduced to the different players in the financial community

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