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    European Affairs

    The European Union (EU) is the source of rights and obligations which purport a highly significant influence on the capacity of enterprises to compete in the European area and internationally.

    At the same time it is the main origin and destination of the trade relations and investment of Spanish and Portuguese enterprises.

    Standards are adopted in the decision-making process of the European Union that have core implications on the activity of enterprises.

    All this involves a need to know the procedure by which decisions are taken in the European Union institutional framework.

    Behind these decisions there lies a series of measures which affect the daily life of enterprises.

    Enterprises should be capable of influencing the European institutions, at the same time as doing so in the EU Member States, so that their decisions include their points of view, and anticipate possible effects of these in their business models and their capacity to compete on the markets.


    • Intelligence: analysis of relevant information to convert the tide of information from Brussels into useful intelligence for the client
    • Monitoring and analysis of the evolution of the European standards that may affect their business activity: political analysis of the Union’s legislative and regulatory development, anticipating changes
    • Foresee changing scenarios and anticipate key decisions within the EU framework
    • Extremely complex and changing scenario in which many interests are moved and where the action of a highly specialised team is needed
    • Management of institutional positions and political influence of the EU
    • Institutional political risk management at European level
    • Management of relationship agendas which permit the client to defend its interest and its business
    • Transformation of the risk into opportunity


    • Obtain and constantly update relevant information about the European Union
    • Anticipate European law that may affect our business
    • Influence and relations with the European institutional environment
    • Knowledge of the European institutional panorama
    • Direct dialogue with key players at the EU
    • Contrast opinions
    • Diagnosis of the influence potential
    • Intelligence reports
    • Lobby in the process of adopting standards
    • Political influence map
    • Alliance management
    • Training programmes
    • Personalised aid at meetings
    • Speeches and messages


    • Next Week Newsletter. Newsletter which highlights the main developments that take place at the leading European Institutions (European Parliament, Council, Commission and European Central Bank )
    • Ad hoc Technical Notes Analysis technical notes on the main developments at political and institutional level in Europe
    • Intelligence reports. Intelligence reports on a particular fact or development, with in-depth analysis of their causes, consequences and effects for the client

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