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    Economic Context

    Using existing information to make the best decision possible requires a certain amount of work to turn knowledge into a manageable asset. The best executives make more successful decisions, not out of sheer luck, but because they are better able to interpret the data they have available.

    Every minute, there is breaking news around the world on matters that impact on businesses. But the time necessary to select, classify, analyze, and draw conclusions is not always available. Making too many decisions based on instinct alone increases the risks that are inherent in any action.

    The Economic Context team of LLORENTE & CUENCA helps companies and organizations better understand what is happening, anticipate what may happen, and respond appropriately in a rapidly changing environment. Within this context of collaboration, only well-founded and well-proven business decisions will be made, making them easier to explain to different audiences.


    • Analysis. Having relevant information on the economic and social context which affects or may affect business decisions.
    • Forecasting. Having advance information on the future evolution of the most relevant economic and social factors for the business.
    • Training.
      • Having qualified training for executives on the economy and economic policies. Of Spain, Europe, the United States, Latin America, and Asia.
      • Having qualified training for executives on the global economic environment, its challenges, and its opportunities.
    • Advisory Services. Having economic information suitable for specific problems in certain business.
    • Knowledge. Information and in-depth analysis of key socio-economic factors relevant to the business.
    • Positioning. Keeping business interests in context in the complex political, social, and business scene.


    • Information in executive summary format on relevant current affairs on the global socio-economic scene.
    • Monthly report on everything necessary to learn about, understand, and form a well-founded opinion on the socio-economic situation and its problems.
    • Quarterly report on the socio-economic climate, to construct an indicator on the overall mood and public opinion in the country, with the business risks and opportunities that result.
    • Quarterly report on the socio-economic situation in Latin America.
    • Monthly meetings with our experts in order to share an overview of the current situation and socio-economic trends. One-on-one meetings or in teams.
    • In-depth studies, on request, on a specific matter that affects a company or a sector, including the socio-economic impact on a certain activity. We prepare economic impact reports for previous years or with projections for the future.
    • Urgent and synthetic analyses of specific or sectoral issues, paying particular attention to strengths and weaknesses, based on a structured panel discussion offering proposed solutions.
    • Prospective analysis. We anticipate the socio-economic situation in a few years’ time for a particular sector or geographical area.
    • Monitoring the commitments of the political authorities for each term.
    • Monitoring the health or strength of a business.
    • Holding seminars or courses that foster the process of renewal of core competencies in the Senior Management of our clients.
    • Organization of joint discussion sessions in a free-flowing format so that, properly oriented, it flows in a propositional and useful manner, helping to unite the team and align them with the company’s goal.


    • Prospective or forecasting techniques.
    • Techniques for the analysis of the current situation.
    • Quantitative data processing.

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