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    Internet has revolutionised the communication world and has multiplied the opportunities and threats for the reputation of enterprises, institutions, brands and people.

    We live in a digitalised world, where the information consumer habits of the stakeholders have changed and the main form of accessing information and knowledge is through the Internet.

    To design a financial, corporate, institutional, internal, marketing reputation strategy or of public affairs without understanding the digital world and without using it properly, either as source of information or as emitter and conversation channel to influence in the perception of the stakeholders, is committing itself to failure in the business projects.


    • Collect advance information about the conversations and news circulating on the Internet and the social networks
    • Identify potential reputational risks
    • Shielding and protection of organisations in crisis situations
    • Management of the channels for digital conversation
    • Management of internal communication through online channels
    • Introduce digital competencies in the communication teams
    • How to influence in conversations on the Internet
    • How to insert digital strategy in the offline strategy
    • Establish relations with influential stakeholders



    • Digital mapping/communities mapping
    • Development, design and programming (Web, blog, apps, mobile…) that includes all Brand Journalism platforms
    • Strategic SEO / SEM
    • Community management
    • Digital PR
    • BTL / Events 2.0 / RFID
    • Transmedia Contents
    • Digital Awareness
    • Digital Training
    • Drawing up protocols
    • 2.0 Customer service


    • MRO (Online Risks Monitor). Platform of periodic analysis of trends and levels of risks originated by the most significant on-line chats about an organisation
    • BEO (Online Comments Report): Method of analysing reputation position of a corporate brand from its most significant mentions in the main Internet environments
    • Guide / War Room: Crisis management digital platforms in accordance with the manuals and protocols of enterprises, for the coordination, appropriate response and subsequent registration, as learning case
    • MSRM (Mapping Stakeholders Relationship Management): Repository for the management of knowledge generated by the enterprise’s relationship with stakeholders, with contact database associated with the strategic projects of enterprises, indicators and history of the progress of projects in function of the networking generated and degree of engagement obtained with each audience
    • MAPS (Monitoring and Analysis of Storytelling Position): Big data analysis system for identification of chat territories and communities on the Internet
    • Instruction and training platform of professionals in management of corporate and personal digital identity management

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