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    Creation of Contents Storytelling

    The creation and dissemination of own contents within a company’s strategic plan becomes a first level need because the quality contents will generate transparency, credibility and opportunities to relate with the stakeholders.

    Also, the contents of a company must be aligned with its reputational storytelling and report, which help to provide its continuity and consistency in the company’s dialogue with all its stakeholders.

    The revolution in the new technologies, linked to the present overload of information offered by the Internet, is making the companies increasingly have to offer quality information to the consumer and know how to connect with its public in order to be differentiated.


    • Produce contents which successfully compete for the attention of the stakeholders (economy of attention)
    • Publish contents which merit the trust of the stakeholders (economy of reputation)
    • Disseminate contents worthy of being shared by the stakeholders in their media and social networks (economy of recommendation).



    • Research and diagnosis
    • Storytelling development
    • Create contents for digital media
    • Create company discourse

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