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    Executive Coaching in Communication

    Uncertainty is one of the more common certainties that managers deal with. Acknowledging the growing difficulty of planning the future is a constant in the discourse of executives.

    In this environment with more doubts than convictions, managers need to convince themselves that the paths they are taking are the right ones and, on this uncertain path, know how to learn from their mistakes. The coaching mission means accompanying the individual so that they are aware of what they want to achieve and how to achieve it based on the right vision and on a sound commitment to achieving this.

    Applying coaching to professionals in the communication sector, and accordingly, to all those executives that are directly or indirectly related to this function, helps strengthen their managerial skills from the moment when they identify their own strengths and weaknesses, convert the former into levers for development and the latter into removable obstacles. Moreover, by accompanying the executive, the coach contributes to improving their development in the eco-system of the organization.

    Coaching makes executives better communicators and communicators better executives.

    The tools for coaching are, among others, conversation, vision and the management of opinions and beliefs. These all help shape the most important challenge facing organizations today. That is why more than 200 CEOs consulted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2013 to help prepare the Executive Coaching Survey, responded that they highly rate the processes they took part in as coachees.


    • Development of executive capabilities
    • Underpinning leadership
    • Boosting communication skills
    • Improving integration in the organization
    • Development of professional career
    • Balance between work and personal life


    • Individual coaching
    • Team coaching

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