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    Business Strategy and Sports

    Sport is the most powerful conveyor belt of messages of contemporary society and represents a key opportunity to build and nurture a company’s reputation among its stakeholders and find business strategies in its perimeter.

    The triangle of sport, company and society and its active agents need a permanent relationship with the market. Strategies are needed to exchange needs within this triangle that keep the parties involved active on projects where the reputational values of the “sport territory” are capital.


    • Get sports sponsorships to converge with the companies’ strategic business lines.
    • Access celebrities from the sports world to prescribe and stimulate the Human Resources teams and other collectives of the companies.
    • Create and tighten links with all the entities that form the sports world: enterprises, organisms, athletes, media, etc.
    • Detect and take advantage of cross-cutting opportunities which sport and its values provide the projects of enterprises and entities.
    • Develop communication and sports marketing plans that fit the business strategies of the companies.


    • Building and/or reformulation of the corporate storytelling linked with sport to adapt it to the diatribe and strategic business line.
    • Create sports marketing plans that rotate around communication, marketing and advertising, including events, social networks, etc.
    • Define labour engagement plans for employees and other corporate stakeholders with the valuable contribution of celebrities from the sports scenario.
    • Manage collaboration between enterprises and the different sports stakeholders: organisms, athletes, media, etc.
    • Build tailored success sports projects for business strategies.

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