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    Alignment and Motivation of Employees

    Employees are special stakeholders for enterprises because they perform a dual function in the management of the corporate reputation.

    Firstly, these are the stakeholders that can best validate, with greatest credibility, what a company “says” with regard to what it actually “does” in the day-to-day business.

    Secondly, these fulfil an informal function as spokesperson with other stakeholders outside the company in all they do, say and directly experience during their working hours and which they share outside these hours.

    The management of the companies’ relations with these stakeholders, in terms of communication (complemented with other fields of management of the human resources) thus becomes a key element for the protection and promotion of the reputation of any employer.


    • Employer engagement
    • Employer branding
    • Create corporate culture
    • Attract market talent
    • Generate commitment, involvement and feeling of belonging in employees
    • Build reputation as employing brand
    • Internal Communication Management
    • Create an Intranet
    • Design and development of contents for conventions of managers, annual conventions and events for employees
    • Create internal blog and develop its contents
    • Support for attracting and retaining talent
    • Strategies to improve positions in standardised classifications (e.g.: Best Place to Work)


    • Social Intranet (create conversation spaces within the corporate environment with three fields of contents – Utility, Visibility and Entertainment – and their strategy for dynamic modification and use)
    • Employer Branding: (visibility plan on good practices of an employer in three areas: rankings, awards and opinion leaders)


    • Management analysis of communication with employees
    • Functional and technical analysis of internal channels
    • Preparation of internal communication materials and contents
    • Creation of conversation and communication channels (traditional and digital channels)
    • Design of events for employees or employable
    • Employer Branding: visibility plan on good practices of an employer in three areas: rankings, awards and opinion leaders
    • Satisfaction analysis on internal communication
    • Relations with specialised media in people management
    • Visibility plan on good practices of an employer in three areas: rankings, awards and opinion leaders
    • Preparation of nominations for awards

    Collective redundancies and labour disputes

    The aim of the communication strategy in this type of process is to put into context the measures adopted, framing them within the company’s business plans and clearly explaining the reasons that sustain it, at the same time as minimising the negative impact on the company and its brands.

    Through its own tools and a methodology, LLORENTE & CUENCA has developed an integral communication programme which covers, from start to finish, all the phases in the restructuring process reaching each member of the public involved and reducing the impact of collective redundancies or industrial disputes in the communication processes.


    • Communication (with media, institutions and employees) during:
      • Collective redundancies
      • Substantial Modification in the Work Conditions (MSCT)
      • Shutdown of work places
      • Labour restructuring
      • Industrial disputes
      • Collective bargaining / of agreements


    • Collective redundancies and labour disputes (internal and external communication management during the different milestones of the different labour reshuffling projects)


    • Prepare the communication strategy and action plans for each scenario
    • Storytelling, arguments, questions and answers
    • Media training for spokespeople
    • Training of management teams in crisis management
    • Relations with the media and monitoring
    • 24×7 alerts about conservation in RRSS
    • Coordination with the project management legal team

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