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    Consumer Engagement


    In a context where contents are polluted, companies need to establish deeper, transparent and long-lasting relationships with their consumers, whom they should place in the core of their business model.

    Companies should incorporate the new concepts, principles and instruments to relate with their consumers, analysing all the information available concerning their profile, habits and tastes.

    In addition, companies should apply the new consumer forms of contents (transmedia and interactive) and develop construction architectures of their storytelling which centre focus on entertainment as added value to generate a relationship with the consumer which can be monitored and measured.


    • Companies need to have a better knowledge about their consumers’ interests and habits in order to place them in the core of their strategies.
    • The scope of competence has grown in the era of the economy of attention, consequently accentuating the need for intelligence tools that permit a detection of the opportunities and trends in the different territories.
    • To generate engagement in the consumer, the companies’ storytelling is increasingly in greater need for using entertainment tools.
    • The channels, messages and contents must be adapted to the reality of the widespread consumer contents (transmedia and interactive).
    • Whilst the number of consumer interactions is multiplied, monitoring and analysis become a core factor to manage these relations.


    • Study consumer habits
    • Branded Entertainment
    • Ranging
    • Engagement management


    • Research and diagnosis
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Positioning Definition/Adaptation
    • Branding
    • Storytelling development
    • Design of audio-visual storytelling
    • Development of platforms, contents and events
    • Relations with media, influencers and opinion leaders
    • Analysis, diagnosis and strategy of dissemination channels
    • Electronic trade strategies, BTL, promotion and sales point
    • Production of graphs, computer graphics and visual aids
    • Development of co-creation plans
    • Monitoring of consumer behaviour


    • MAPS. (Monitoring and Analysis of the Storytelling Position) is an on-line chat analysis tool which permits enterprises to discover the communities of greatest interest for their business, identify their most influential spokesmen and detect the best opportunities for communicating with them
    • Radar of opportunities and trends. The Radar of Opportunities and Trends of LLORENTE & CUENCA is a periodic report on intelligence applied to a trademark and its areas of interest. It permits the identification and graphic representation of areas of influence in the market, consumer habits and prospects, and movements in general interest groups
    • Web series. The webseries are audiovisual storytelling formats organised in chapters and designed for the on-line scope. Entertainment format and transmedia dissemination (support of the story on different channels) are developed from LLORENTE & CUENCA as communication tools with human focus (persons before products)
    • Brand Films. The Brand Films are films (generally documentaries) which reflect the brand values and targets through stories which are of interest for the audiences and which have a potential beyond the online sphere, with possibility of displaying in other scenarios
    • Web Brand Story. The Web Brand Story translates a webseries or a brand film to the online format, generating a fingerprint and permitting that beyond the exploitation in video social networks (such as youtube), these products may have an online site where when reorganising the chapters, other complementary information and storytelling elements are added, such as statements, photographs or computer graphics
    • Interactive Brand Story. The Interactive Brand Story is the interactive online version of a webseries or brand film. It uses the base audiovisual material to create an experience for the audiences which enhances their participation in the story through interactions which affect its development
    • Transmedia Editorial Committee. The Transmedia Editorial Committee of LLORENTE & CUENCA is an internal organisation body of the contents policy of a brand which works on generating synergies, making use of opportunities and providing it with context through periodic meetings
    • Creative storytelling Workshop. The LLORENTE & CUENCA creative storytelling workshop is a day that is spent focused on all the teams that work from the brand in generating storytelling and in finding engagement with the consumer from different disciplines in order to increase the alignment, reflection and discovery of potential opportunities

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